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Revolutionizing Remote Patient Care
Tracking Your Health Just Got a lot Easier!

VyTrac’s powerful App leverages AI and delivers easy to use vital sign monitoring from any smartphone or device. We empower Physicians, Payers, Health Systems and Patients with actionable data as they navigate the patient journey.

The VyTrac App:
The Future of Care is in Your Hands

Keeping an eye on your general health has never been easier. Use your smartphone to measure vital signs. As simple as that! VyTrac is the first ever contactless, video-based, full service, general health and wellness monitoring App. No wearables needed!

HealthTrac users

Works with any camera-equipped device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Simply turn on the app and look into the camera. That’s it!

Vital signs begin to display in as quickly as 15 seconds.

VyTrac Captures Data within a HIPAA Compliant Cloud and is Displayed on our Provider Dashboard

Our App Connects with Bluetooth Enabled Devices

VyTrac connects to your FitBit or Apple Watch

We connect to your Apple or Google Health account so you can seamlessly view all of your health trends in one place.
patient engagement

VyTrac Telehealth Platform Allows Providers to Engage and Consult with Patients

Consult with your patient or even change their healthcare routine using our Telehealth platform. You will be able to connect with your patient for a face to face call over secure video conferencing to address all of their needs!

Increase patient engagement through our “Chat” system which will be forwarded to our team for triage.

Have some questions about the vitals you just took? Do the numbers seem out of your “normal” range? Just message our expert team through TracChat and get immediate answers to your all of your healthcare questions!

How It Works

VyTrac is a simple and user-friendly Population Health Management platform.



Healthy and engaged members promote a reduction in costly Emergency Department visits and hospital stays. VyTrac enables members with the tools they need to monitor and Trac their health metrics from any smartphone or tablet.
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VyTrac makes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth easy and efficient to implement in your office. The provider dashboard allows you to stay connected with your patients and provides you with “actionable data” to ensure timely care interventions. Our program meets Medicare RPM and billing requirements.
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Health Systems

Health Systems

VyTrac empowers health systems with the tools they need to manage high-risk patients and reduces unnecessary readmissions.
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Incorporate virtual health plans into your benefits packages to save time and money for both you and your employees, while also expanding access to quality healthcare.
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School Districts

School Districts

VyTrac provides school districts with the tools needed for a safe return back to school. With COVID-19 care rooms and multiple testing options, VyTrac enables students and teachers to return safely.
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Captures Vital Signs in Seconds with VyTals!

Capture Vital Signs from a Phone, Tablet or Bluetooth Enabled Devices

man using HealthTrac

How Vital Signs are Captured

VyTrac’s technology leverages state-of-the-art techniques in artificial intelligence to analyze video to capture the following vital signs:

  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  • Respiration Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Mental Stress Measurements

Monitor Vital Signs in Real-Time

Heart Rate

Oxygen Saturation

Mental Health

Respiration Rate

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VyTrac gives you an unparalleled advantage in health analytics. Discover how we will help you launch and scale comprehensive and effective remote care programs.