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A Remote Patient Monitoring application platform, VyTrac, has launched their all-inclusive billing service for providers. This will serve as a valuable tool for all physicians.

VyTrac, a Remote Patient Monitoring Application service, has announced the launch of their comprehensive billing platform for providers. The software uses an internal timestamp that is based on CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code requirements making it a valuable tool for physicians.

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By launching their specialized patient management platform, VyTrac intends to supply physicians with a billing method that is simple and compliant with governmental standards and quality demands.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs have risen in popularity during the current pandemic. These allow patients and providers to be connected without the necessity of physical interaction. RPM software is a practical and accurate way that physicians can monitor their patient’s vital signs and other health concerns in real-time.

The VyTrac application stores and administers a patient’s health information, can set reminders for follow-up care, provides risk assessment documentation, patient and provider education, and more.

With proprietary technology and the use of RPM in healthcare, VyTrac can also bring an additional stream of income for providers. The key is implementing the correct billing and revenue cycle management system that will stand the test during a possible Medicare audit.

VyTrac’s billing platform documents all interactions between the patient and provider. Their system determines and validates the billable qualification of each procedure using the CPT coding structure.

In addition, the VyTrac application is entirely HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. They also boast the Health URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) seal. These are vital factors when considering the crucial nature of the subject at hand.

As a company, VyTrac’s main goal and mission are to humanize the patient experience and facilitate day-to-day responsibilities for physicians. The application supplies the tools and education needed for providers to monitor and manage their patient’s health.

The CEO of the company, Zachary Fink, states, “VyTrac’s turn-key technology implements Remote Patient Monitoring services for your practice. The Provider Dashboard shows patient health information and allows for outcome reports to be customized to your specific needs. VyTrac’s benefits for providers are a rise in patient engagement and satisfaction, a Telehealth platform easily implemented into your practice, increase in revenue, and reduction in hospital readmissions.”

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