Humanizing the Patient Experience​

Our Mission


Through ongoing patient interaction, VyTrac connects with patients using a proprietary app the is easy to use and incorporates already existing Bluetooth devices. 


VyTrac Captures variances in your health metrics, and relays the data to the appropriate caregiver. Early interventions can help avoid unnecessary cost of readmissions.


VyTrac provides the education and tools needed to manage your patient’s health. It can also connect to our nursing triage portal and physician telehealth platform.

Our Journey

From the very beginning of our journey, we have always held one main goal above everything else, improving the quality of life for patients. VyTrac’s consumer-driven healthcare landscape provides patients with the care they need through a virtual medium, offering, easily-accessible healthcare consultations. In addition, with our proactive and holistic model of remote patient monitoring, clinicians are are able to manage patients with chronic conditions to find small problems before they become large ones. By catching these problems before they escalate, we are able to provide a higher standard of patient care, all while maintaining a close relationship and increasing patient satisfaction.