The VyTrac Digital Experience

Capturing Key Vital Signs to Support Positive Patient Outcomes

How We Trac

The VyTrac App

VyTrac provides health metrics and patient oversight to help reduce the number of hospitalizations, readmissions and lengths of stays in hospitals. Embedded clinical pathways increase the level of care based on clinical guidelines and patient responses. Patient engagement tools promote a greater level of patient self-management through:

  • Real-time patient health metric data
  • Telemedicine connects patients to providers remotely
  • Alerts and Reminders to support user adherence
  • Outcomes data and reporting to Provider Dashboard


Through ongoing patient interaction, VyTrac connects with them using an App that is easy to use and incorporates already existing Bluetooth devices.


VyTrac captures variance in your health metrics. Early interventions can help to avoid unnecessary costs or readmissions.


VyTrac’s Care Team provides real-time support and education by connecting patients with our live Telehealth services. Through live chats, face-to-face video conferencing and follow up calls, patients can expect more oversight and earlier intervention.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients opens the HIPAA Compliant VyTrac App

Vitals signs are captured via camera, smart watches, and bluetooth

Assessments for more complex screenings , such as COVID-19

Data sent to the VyTrac Cloud for providers and administrators

Population Health Management with alerts and notifications

Process Flow - Fully Remote, Virtual, Video-Based, and Automated

Screen for potential patients

Inform on program goals

Onboard patients

Monitor vitals

Determine trends

Manage and protect with early intervention

Provider Dashboard

The Provider Dashboard displays real-time health metrics. Using AI, providers will improve patient care via continuous monitoring and oversight.

VyTrac customizes patient data and runs analytics tools to create customized reports, displaying them on a comprehensive dashboard.

  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • Intuitive Data Representation
  • Patient Data Tracking
  • Internal Timestamp for Billing
  • Data Trend Reporting
vytrac dashboard



VyTrac alerts enable providers to receive notifications when patients’ results are out of their Goal Threshold. This alert feature allows for real-time review and will notify the provider when a patient is at-risk. Providers can respond proactively to prevent unnecessary medical events and focus on improving patient outcomes.

Provider Communication Trigger

Patients will routinely take their health vitals, and if they do not fall within normal ranges, an alert will be sent through the App. Based on the alert status, the provider will be notified and effectively communicate with the patient.

VyTrac Care Team

VyTrac’s Call Center provides assistance when oversight is required:

  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Communicate with our team through the VyTrac App or your Phone
  • Compassionate and Responsive Clinical Team
  • Physician Notification of an Adverse Event
  • Coordination and Monitoring of Health Metrics
  • Positive Patient Engagement Experience

The VyTrac “TracHub” ensures patient satisfaction with custom post-call surveys to measure performance.

Outcome Reporting

VyTrac Analyzes Data Trends to Improve Utilization and Costs

VyTrac’s Remote Monitoring system provides a platform to share and analyze data. Clinical algorithms and intervention tools lead to improved outcomes through data management.