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The Value of URAC Accreditation

Receiving URAC accreditation provides a significant advantage to remote patient monitoring companies, including legitimacy, quality standards, and improved care.

It was an honor to have VyTrac featured as the first accredited remote patient monitoring service at URACs webinar on September 14th, 2021. The webinar was titled “Remote Patient Monitoring: How Accreditation Improves Patient Care,” and featured Lex Fogle, Digital Health Sales Manager at URAC, Shawn Griffin, MD, President and CEO of URAC, and Lisa Silverman, who moderated (position?).

The conversation was engaging and educational,VyTrac and the three presenters identified the key benefits of URAC accreditation.

Accreditation improves patient care:

The constant theme throughout the conversation was that accreditation improved patient care. Due to the regulatory checkpoints and standards of care that URAC requires, services aimed at providing telecare have objective benchmarks they must meet.

Quality over time and building a relationship:

URAC accreditation attracts organizations committed to quality over time. The process of accreditation should be an educational process. “Accreditation is meant to improve you”, says Shawn Griffin, MD, “if you go through accreditation and you don’t have to change anything you’re either really high performing or you’ve got too soft of an accreditation standard.”

Zachary echoed Griffin’s words and voiced his appreciation for URAC’s focus on collaboration. “I loved how collaborative the process was. You helped us get better.”

The accreditation process at URAC will make an organization better because the specialists at URAC create a relationship and maintain that relationship. This allows accredited organizations to maintain the higher quality of care standards for patients the day they receive accreditation and also every day moving forward.

Accreditation opens doors for growing RPM organizations:

Becoming accredited opens doors for remote patient monitoring organizations. Hospital systems and other unique clients are more interested and open to discussing partnerships with a URAC accredited organization. “We’re not just another RPM company anymore,” Zackary explained in the webinar. Accreditation is a stamp of quality. “Vytrac is more trusted and can do more now that we have been accredited.” 

Aside from discussing the benefits of accreditation, the presenters discussed the value of telehealth for rural and underserved communities. They also emphasized the need for healthcare organizations, particularly remote patient monitoring and telehealth, to educate their patients to use the technology that can improve their health.

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