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Revolutionizing remote patient care – VyTrac is on the forefront of the way healthcare is delivered. Through cutting-edge digital technology, VyTrac enables healthcare providers to care for their patients outside the traditional four walls of a clinical setting. VyTrac is leading the global trend in the healthcare industry of decentralization to alleviate overburdened hospitals and clinics. In addition, VyTrac considers social determinants of health when working with providers to supply affordable and comprehensive care to patients, despite current barriers to high quality care. The future of patient care must consider patients with lower socioeconomic status, and focus on how to alleviate provider barriers of inclusion. Together, VyTrac can help various health agencies overcome these substantial barriers, and swiftly combat them.

A Higher Standard of healthcare – As URAC’s first accredited Remote Patient Monitoring solution, VyTrac demonstrates commitment to quality care and innovative technology to improve patient lives. URAC’s Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation Program is the first comprehensive set of standards created to assess many key aspects of an RPM program, setting VyTrac apart from other Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth companies. URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin says, “By achieving this distinction, VyTrac demonstrates its commitment to gathering real time patient health metrics in a safe, effective and secure manner to help physicians provide early intervention, better manage chronic conditions and ultimately improve health outcomes”. In addition to URAC’s comprehensive accreditation, VyTrac is pleased to announce the recent induction to the ISfTeH global network. The ISfTeH global network facilitates the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine. This induction aligns with VyTrac’s mission to provide expanded access to healthcare experts and patients worldwide.

One platform, many solutions – VyTrac’s turn-key solution can be customized to meet direct patient goals and provider objectives. With a suite of comprehensive services, VyTrac can help create a unique Remote Patient Monitoring program that meets the needs of patients, practices, and organizations. Patient data reports are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard to streamline charting and other daily tasks of medical practitioners. Additionally, VyTrac supplies robust patient outcomes reporting to monitor high-level health trends that provide actionable data for healthcare providers. VyTrac opens the digital front door for patients, shifting the reliance on physical clinics and hospitals to remote care when applicable.

Universally, VyTrac is dedicated to a future of better healthcare with a digital platform that positively changes how caregivers are able to practice medicine and reduces barriers of entry for patients to receive the care they deserve.

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